I dislike people

Being the primary caregiver for 5-month-old twins and one five-year-old means I don’t really get out much.  When I do, lately it just seems to remind me why I don’t like people.  Is that surprising?  I mean, really, I became a veterinarian ’cause I don’t like people.  Although like many vets, I realized too late that unless Tiger has his own trust fund, he ain’t paying the bills — which means dealing with people.

In the spirit of some recent little baiting by a bloggy friend (hello Mrs. Chicken!), here are some of the reasons I don’t like people:

  • People ignore the HUGE double stroller headed toward them on the sidewalk and don’t make room
  • People come flying out of parking lots and almost plow into my HUGE double stroller
  • People take the California pedestrian right of way to extremes and take 20 min to cross
  • People stand right in the entrance gate to school and gossip while everyone else is trying to pick up their kids
  • People talk on their cell phone while driving their Mercedes
  • People shove past little old ladies in their rush to vote
  • People think they can stop me and touch my babies just ’cause there are two of them
  • People don’t pick up after their dog
  • People come home at 2 am and shout and stomp up their stairs and slam their door which is 4 feet from my open bedroom window

I could go on …

Disclaimer:  There are some certain LITTLE people that I DO like.

Oh, and my family, friends and bloggy pals are, of course, exempt.

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One Response to I dislike people

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve been reading quite a few posts like this lately. Especially about how inconsiderate people are when they see you with a large stroller and how they must invade personal space when you have twins. I’m with you in regards to people.

    On that same note, I was the loser that worked in one customer service position or another for 13 years. Ha!

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