A Special Day

One year ago today began a new journey.  One involving two precious new individuals.

It sounds corny and pat, but in all honesty, from the beginning of our relationship, Adam and I knew that raising a family was an essential part of our future.  We saw ourselves having it all:  school, professional careers, children — in fact, several children.  It didn’t quite work out that way.  We both made it through professional school, but it wasn’t exactly a smooth road.  When we thought the time was right, we tried to start our family.  That road too was a bit bumpy.  After a miscarriage and months of waiting, we were ecstatic to learn The Snake was on the way.  While it was exhausting, parenthood was all we’d hoped.  And faced with the busy life of surgical residency for Adam, I decided to stay home full time.  Within a year we were ready to hop back into trying to conceive.  While I had not expected it to be quick, it quickly turned difficult, then painful.  After a year, we began looking to the medical community to help us expand our family.  That road, too, turned out to be quite bumpy — with boulders in fact.  More than two years down that road, we found ourselves on this day a year ago.  The day those two precious new souls began their lives on Earth.  Of course the road has remained bumpy, sometimes cutting deep into mountains so very hard to climb, or diving into dark black tunnels.  But I wouldn’t want my journey to go anywhere else.

Note:  I’d never heard this song before, but it was the first suggested on the slideshow website and somehow seemed right.

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2 Responses to A Special Day

  1. SO BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love the pictures…soo cute! Glad to hear how thankful you are…I am every single day…what a journey and what a beginning…I say beginning because it never ends!

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