We Can …

We can …

… have a new beginning.

… overcome obstacles.

… narrow the gap between peoples.

… care for our children, and those of the world.

… find new power to fuel our future.

… become better stewards of the land.

… find hope and renewal.

I’ve always had strong feelings about political issues and enjoyed debating such things.  And I have found myself angry or passionate when discussing them.  But today I found myself deeply moved and actually tearful.  I’m not sure why my emotions were so heightened.  Perhaps it is my age, perhaps motherhood, perhaps the stage of my life.  Regardless, as I watched the babes wiggle on the floor, a young man pledged to faithfully discharge the duties of President.  And I found hope for the future for all of us.  A future of which we can be proud.

Let us all vow to rededicate ourselves to caring for one another and our planet.  Let us vow to be good citizens of this world.

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4 Responses to We Can …

  1. Ms Planner says:

    I loved his comment, “The discipline to nuture our children.”

    Such a simple thing to say but – to me – it spoke volumes about the choices we should make, the sacrifices we should make, and the policies we should have in place, all for the sake of the youngest Americans.

    You are so sweet to comment on my daughter’s knitwear 🙂 We must have similar taste. Check out shescrafty.com for patterns. That being said, I cannot knit. I bought them. But someone handmade the pom-pom hat and the sweater with the pointy hood.

    Not that you need sweaters or winter hats in Eden!

  2. Emily says:

    right there with you

  3. lifeineden says:

    Yes! I thought the most striking thing of the speech was the sense that we have shirked are duty to do the hard things. I loved his comment that we had avoided making the difficult choices. I think it has been a long time coming — that we have put off so many responsibilities. Now we need to make it right for all our children.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have never been tearful over politics until now. It is as if I see the country daring to hope again, and it is amazing to watch.

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