Surgical Strike

Whining.  Complaining.  Screaming.  Talking back.  Spazing.  Pouting.

These are all to be expected in a 5-year-old.  But we’ve had a bit too much lately.  Getting through school work has been hard.  Getting through bedtime has been painful.  But the toughest has been getting through the night.  And the problem is not the Fruit Babies.

The Snake has always had sleep problems at various developmental stages.  Like many kids, he’s tried his hand at sleeping in the big bed.  But we have typically been firm about staying in his own bed for the night.  After the big move to Eden, with all the recent trauma and the noise of 2 infants up at night — we were a little more lenient.  But once the babes started sleeping more we buckled down again.  Regardless, this 42 pound baby kept winding up in our bed.  I suppose it is easier to be sneaky when your dad is sleep deprived resulting in “dead to the world” slumber.  Thus The Snake managed to finagle a bit of time in that big ‘ole bed.

We tried threats.  We tried bribes.  We finally broke down and just begged.

Then a light went on (not in our room, in my head silly).  The Snake is a chronic allergy kid — he’s got lot of ’em.  Toward the end of our time in the frigid north we started seeing an allergy specialist.  She had recommend some imaging to look at his sinuses and airway, as it seemed he was having chronic infections.  This led me to thinking about his always enlarged tonsils, which led me to adenoids, which led me to obstructive sleep apnea, which led me to talk with our new, spectacular pediatrician.

One radiograph* later, one ENT consult later, one at-home sleep study later … we are scheduled for surgery on Thursday.  So I’m praying this is our magic bullet, one that will wipe out a lot of undesirable attributes.  Don’t get me wrong, I know he won’t magically turn into an angel — but it would be nice to see the devil a little less often.

*sorry I just can’t write x-ray after all that money for a silly degree I have

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4 Responses to Surgical Strike

  1. magpie says:

    Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Emily says:

    wow. is there anything i can do to help? where will it be done?

  3. momsprung says:

    Wow – I hope the surgery is the answer! Poor lil guy – and you, of course!

    So, I’m not sure what I did w/ my blog that’s any different. I just signed up on wordpress and used one of the templates on their site. I do own my url,, and I just have that url point to the wordpress page. Does that answer your question? I really want to design it myself at some point, but I need to be able to focus a bit for that, and I am no good at focusing these days.

  4. Artblog says:

    Did you read about LaLa’s Apnoea on my blog? She has it and they’re going to take her adenoids out and shrink her tonsils.

    They say its routine and indeed she’s the third girl in her class to have the procedure done. Its quite common apparently.

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