Jewelia, part 2

see part 1 here

I’ve never been part of a large group of women.  I wasn’t part of the in-crowd in high school.  I wasn’t part of a sorority in college.  The first time I was part of a large group of women was in veterinary school, and that was simply because about 60-75% of the class was female.  As a mother, I found a small circle of women friends in the frigid north.  But now I’m here in Eden where it has been hard to make connections while tending to the fruit babies.  The internet has given me a circle of women that I cherish, yet the connection here is different than companionship in the flesh.

The Necklace surprised me.  It is the story of 13 women from very different backgrounds who join together to purchase a spectacular diamond necklace.  They make a sharing arrangement; each woman will possess the necklace for a month around her birthday.  The stories reveal how over the course of 3 years the women learn to share in many ways, beyond a piece of jewelry.  In fact, the necklace, named Jewelia, becomes a part of community folklore and touches many in the town in various ways.

What I found most remarkable about this book was not just the women, who were indeed inspiring.  But the way they came together, the way they worked together and saw past many obstacles to their friendships.  I won’t reveal much more, except to say their story gave me hope.  Hope for finding a community of women moved to do more than just get through life.  Hope that small gestures make a difference.

Next year, when we are settled, I hope to seek them out.

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3 Responses to Jewelia, part 2

  1. Emily says:

    and next year i will miss you!

  2. Mel says:

    I read about this book! It’s not fiction right–they’re a real group of women. Now you just reminded me that I want to read it AND I have a gift certificate to Amazon just itching to be spent 🙂

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