Pint of Patience

Do you know where I can buy some patience?  ‘Cause I’m all OUT.

The Snake is doing better, but still not back to his normal self.  He went to school yesterday, and his teacher said he was perky and great.  Then I pick him up.  And he whines.  And complains.  And looks pitiful.  I know the surgeon said kids wax and wane in their recovery.  But it isn’t easy.

Top it off that next week is a big, big, big week.  Did I mention that it’s BIG?  So I’m a tad anxious.  Adam goes to the big annual conference for his speciality, and he has a bunch of look-see interviews set up with potential jobs.  Basically he will be exploring our future.  Basically I might know where we might be headed in a week.  Basically I’m a basket case.

Having your life be determined by others sucks.  I know others are facing this.  I know we are not the first doctor-family to bounce around.  But I grew up and lived in the same region nearly my entire life.  Contemplating the possibility of living in a totally unknown place is a bit nerve-wrecking racking.  At this point in my life, I’m really starving to have roots and establish relationships.

Well, I suppose since I can’t seem to find the closest patience-mart, I’ll have to solve the problem as I did yesterday.  Red wine.  Lots. (don’t worry, after the kiddies go to bed)

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6 Responses to Pint of Patience

  1. mrs.chicken says:

    Ah, man, this is HARD isn’t it? Now we have to wait for the committee of strangers to decide if hubs was up to the job. I am a wreck, too. I know exactly how you feel. EXACTLY.

    Bottom’s up. And hey, maybe we’ll end up in the same place! 🙂

  2. magpie says:

    wine is always good. here’s hoping for a good spot for you all.

  3. Emily says:

    you can add me to that list of others…

  4. Bleu says:

    I read in an Anthony Wolf book that kids act wonderful around others and whine or complain at home because it is their safe space to do so. It made me look at it differently.

    So sorry for the stress.

  5. momsprung says:

    Hey there – hope the wine worked for you! I totally understand opening the bottle a little before your husband comes home. Hello – I started at 11am the other day!!

    I hope all goes well with the conference and that you guys are feeling settled soon. In the meantime I’ll send the Snake some telepathic messages to cut you some slack!


  6. buffalokaren says:

    Can’t wait to hear how the trip goes. Hope you guys are having a really good week and the kids are treating you well!

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