MomSprung Special

Here I sit with Barbara WaWa on after the Oscars, and I thought — Hey, I’m cool enough to be interviewed!  MomSprung, a fellow SAHM, twin wrangler has asked me to be in her special.  So here are the answers to her questions.  I’ll try not to cry.

Ok, spill it, how did you meet your husband? And NO it’s not bad that you hooked up!

Well, my husband was a collegiate gymnast.  And I was roommates with a girl on the ladies’ gymnastic team.  Thus, we had a party and he was there.  The interesting part is how we got together.  See that semester I was hotly pursuing my journalistic career, and was the editor-in-chief of the university daily rag.  To satisfy my geeky bent, I was also studying biology.  That term I was required to take Physics 101, which was the upper level course, same as for physics majors.  Not exactly fun.  And well, I wasn’t exactly attending all the recitations required.  I had an upcoming quiz and recognized that future DH was also stuck in said physics torture.  So, well, I cornered him to see if he had already taken the quiz in an earlier session.  Indeed he had!  Score!  So I pressed for pointers.

Later, my roommate pointed out that the male gymnast seemed interested.  Dopey me hadn’t noticed.  He was a typical Canadian — polite and a touch shy.  So I tried to make things easy.  We wound up talking the night away.  We were pretty much inseparable every weekend thereafter.  That was 16+ years ago.

So, it wasn’t exactly our eyes meeting across a crowded room.  More like I spied an easy out for my procrastination.  Sometime, I’ll tell you the romantic story of how I kept him from getting deported.

How did the Snake get his name?

Mostly because snake rhymes with his given name.  And he certainly can be a little devil in disguise.

Give us some more deets about your twin commiseration with Marcia Cross.

The lovely Ms. Cross apparently frequented our local playground.  One afternoon, in typical twin status — no make up, sort-of combed hair — I headed to said playground.  It was a Saturday and a bit more crowded than usual.  I noticed a few photographers hovering around the periphery.  I kept trying to see who they were hoping to catch but couldn’t figure it out.  Finally, I saw flame red hair hanging down out of a navy canvas bucket hat.  Ding!  I figured it out.  Then I was able to pick out her husband and twin girls from the crowd.

It was funny, once I realized it was her, it seemed her little girl spied me.  I was there with The Snake and the twins in a handy snap-n-go stroller.  Once her little girl saw the double stroller, she headed right for us.  Marcia came right behind her.  She was so nice and very relaxed.  She said her daughter loved seeing babies, especially twins.  She complemented me on how beautiful they were and asked about their ages.  At the time they had only been home a month or so.  We chatted about the NICU and such.

Her daughter kept reaching out for Peaches, and her mom kept telling her not to touch.  Finally, she couldn’t hold her back and she pinched little Peaches on the cheek.  It was cute but she was embarrassed.  I assured her it was fine.  And that was it.  Much like meeting any other fellow twin mom.  Except my heart was pounding after! 

How much harder have twins been than having one baby? Have there been any points yet where you think it might be (or get) easier?

I think I’m lucky these are not my first.  I was so neurotic with The Snake.  Since it is the second time around, that helps a lot.  I don’t stress about them crying as much.  But having an older child definitely is tough.  Today Adam took him to a baseball game and it was so much easier having just the twins.  Although one mom of twins told me that was all they ever knew, so they didn’t realize that one would be easier.

I definitely think it has been a lot better since they’ve been around 6-8 months, which is really 4-6 months age adjusted for their prematurity.  I’m starting to think it is going to get harder though when the crawling begins.  I’m also dreading when they are out of the infant car seats, cause that is going to make getting around super hard.  I’m lucky that I’m in a more urban, walkable neighborhood right now, so that makes some things more simple.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? I’m thinking bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. but you can interpret it any way you want.

Tried to sell my house and move to SoCal while 7 months pregant with twins.  It didn’t go so smoothly.

Do you have a “usual” cocktail? If so, what is it?

At that newspaper in college we used to hang out in the darkroom and do shots of tequila in the little plastic containers the film comes in.  Do you think that might have anything to do with my fertility problems?

Now I like a good glass of red wine.

Well, I’m no Bawbwa WaWa, but if you’d like to be interviewed I’m happy to give it a try.  Drop me an email or comment.

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6 Responses to MomSprung Special

  1. Ellen K. says:

    How cool that you met Ms. Cross. I’d like to run into a celeb twin mom… what a great ice breaker!

  2. Becky says:

    That is so rad! I was pregnant at the same time as Ms. Cross and I always felt a kinship (even though I have a singleton). That’s awesome that you met her!

  3. Emily says:

    which playground is that?!

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  6. buffalokaren says:

    Wow – I never heard that Marcia Cross story before. Now I have a story to tell the girls at journal club on Tuesday.

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