Eye Do (over)

So I posted a few days ago in response to Niobe’s eye color post.  I took that photo early in the morning with poor light and my laptop.  Not the best quality.  So I wanted to try again.  Here’s the result:


My brows are unruly no matter what I do, and this shows the fleck of brown I have and more of the grey colors.

Since others have also compared their eye color to their kids, I thought I’d show the fruit babies’ and The Snake’s eyes (can’t get Adam since he is out of town).

The Snake — start blue as a baby, but became a bit more grey like mine, but he has Daddy’s dark long lashes.


Plum — deep dark ringed blue eyes, much like his grandpa, dark lashes like Daddy.


Peaches — incredible ice blue streaks like her grandma, and strawberry lashes and brows from who knows where.


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4 Responses to Eye Do (over)

  1. Amanda says:

    All beautiful eyes!

  2. Rachel says:

    I love the kid’s eyes. Snake’s eyes look just like yours.

  3. Cousin MK says:

    I think Peaches gets her eyebrows from Aunt J. Just a guess!

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