Simple Math

3 school lunches and snacks plus

4 bedtimes stories plus

6-8 solid food feedings plus

45-55 bottles plus

48-60 diapers plus

108 hours of single parenthood plus

4 upper respiratory virus infections


one tired mama

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4 Responses to Simple Math

  1. buffalokaren says:

    Aww, man! Not good!

    On the plus side, Didn’t know the babes were starting solids.

  2. momsprung says:

    My god, that adds up to WAY more than tired! You rock.

  3. Emily says:

    i thought one case of conjunctivitis was killing me!

  4. southcitysadie says:

    I cannot even imagine…! D. often has to go out of town for work but hasn’t had to do so since the girls were born. I am dreading the day.

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