Bobble Head Baby

So I’ve been absent here for far too long.  You’ll need to forgive me, as life has been charging along like a freight train without brakes.  While you wait for more substantial content, enjoy Miss Peaches new talent.*

{You need to click on the link below that says “Bobble Head Baby” because I can’t get sucky free-version of wordpress to accept this site’s format — UGH. Be prepared for a platform change in the next 6 months}

Bobble Head Baby from lifeineden on Vimeo.

*Forgive the need to turn your head sideways!  I just got my beautiful new Nikon D90 camera and this is my first try at shooing video with it.  I have no clue how to do much editing, but wanted to share this.  I promise to improve in the future

Coming attractions: First Birthdays, long plane rides, and a new home for the Life in Eden family.

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1 Response to Bobble Head Baby

  1. buffalokaren says:

    Wow, how did she get so big!? Very cute!

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