Waiting for the Fireworks

Fourth of July was a great weekend, despite another FAILED attempt to get a group shot of all 3 kids. They had cute, matching shirts, but between getting to know my new camera and VERY mobile babies — it was an abismal failure.

So instead I thought I’d share this shot for BSM that I took of the sunset on the Fourth. We went to friends’ apartment in a high-rise right on the beach and were able to watch fireworks from about 3 different towns. It was pretty neat!


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7 Responses to Waiting for the Fireworks

  1. NTE says:

    Argh – I know the feeling: Getting a shot where every person is looking in the right direction, not making a face (or bunny ears) and trying to navigate your camera settings at the same time? Crazy.

  2. MelodyA. says:

    I know it too! And I just have two. Keep at it, keep shooting. But that shot is just about as good. Nice.

  3. tracey says:

    what a tranquil shot after a day of fun!

  4. Ms Planner says:

    Gorgeous. I hope you enjoyed your first 4th on the West Coast.

    I know what you mean about missing those shots on a holiday weekend. Sometimes you just have to let them happen and commit them to memory instead.

  5. Emily says:

    when do you leave?!

  6. Amy Jo says:

    Nice sunset! I’ve been trying to get a shot of my two kids with my grandparents for weeks, but my almost two year old won’t have anything to do with it.

  7. SL says:

    I hear you – I have very few good shots of my two together. Thank you for your comments on my blog – I tried to click over but it went to edenville.blogspot which didn’t seem to be active. But I found this one!

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