We are celebrating the Festival of Lights.  It is a busy time, but everyone is happy.  The Snake got “the best gift ever” last night.  The fruit babies are enjoying new things too although they don’t quite understand the holiday.  The new house is still pretty spare looking, as we haven’t filled it up yet — but nevertheless, decorating for holidays is essential!  The snake and I decided some sparkle was definitely in order.

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7 Responses to Sparkle

  1. Cara says:

    Great shot, Holiday decorating is so much fun!

  2. NTE says:

    I love it: this is our first Christmas in our new house, so we’re having a great time figuring out where everything should go. (And also figuring out where the heck we packed it all…)

  3. so pretty! love the sparkles.

  4. Karen Pery says:

    I’m dying to know what “the best present ever” was. With a boy around the same age, it might spark an idea. : )

  5. I want to know what the present was, too!

  6. lifeineden says:

    Of course! We got him a basketball hoop that you hang over the door and it talks (fun for me right?). It was just surprising since he’s not all that into basketball, but he went wild.

    Funny, my brother read this and said — “how could it be the best gift ever? he hasn’t gotten MINE yet!”

  7. Cousin MK says:

    I glad snake got the best gift ever!

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