What the …?

This is a phrase I caught the 6-year-old saying a few weeks ago.  Not easy to explain that a naughty word typically comes after that and even just saying the beginning is tantamount to cursing.

But today I don’t know what else to say.  It is like the hounds of hell have been unleashed.  Mr. Plum is diving into a new developmental stage and it ain’t pretty.  And as a result, neither am I.  There is whining, there is crying, there is tantruming (is this a word? well if not, I don’t give a …).  And suddenly my easy-to-bed baby is spending an HOUR crying hysterically.  First just at bedtime and now for naps.  Okay, at naps it hasn’t been a entire hour, but g-d does it feel like it.  He’s up there screaming right now, you hear him, right?

Fortunately, Miss Peaches is sailing along.  Oh, except for when she is wrestling her brother over a toy and then biting him for taking it.  Oh, and the multiple night wakings.  Oh, and the emptying her sippy cup all over the place.  Did I mention the biting?  Yeah, sailing right along.

I suppose I’m due for this chaos.  For the past year I’ve heard people say “Twins! I don’t know how you do it!”  And I’ve shrugged and said “It’s really not that bad.”  Hmm.  And to top things off, I’ve actually got more help now.  A college sitter twice a week for a couple hours so I can run errands and such.  It is helping my sanity overall, but in this moment (you still here him screeching right?) I want to pull my hair out.

Even the weather is acting psychotic today.  Awake to flurries and a dusting of snow.  Sun arrives.  Snow is gone.  Bright and pleasant.  Sun departs.  Flurries return.  Grey.  Wait, sun peaks again.  Wind howls.  Then clouds again with more flurries.  Make up your mind, g-d dammit!

WAIT, there’s the sun again!  And it’s quiet.  Please g-d, let it stay that way.

… but I’m not counting on it.
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6 Responses to What the …?

  1. magpie says:

    What the?!? My 6yo says that too. I don’t know where she picked it up. And the tone of voice sets my teeth on edge.

  2. Rebecca says:

    We have a biter…Miss H…I hate it! Hang in there!

  3. lifeineden says:

    I know! Where do they get it? And the irony is that he has no idea the real phrase.

  4. I could make a million dollars if I had some way to predict toddler moods or even just explain them, you know? Jeesh.

  5. ms planner says:

    Oh the crying jags for sleeping. The pendulum swings from one side of the spectrum to the other on a nightly basis. And this with early bed times and a consistent night time routine. Ugh. I hear you sister. Hang in there. Someday they will go to sleep on their own. They might be 7 or even 9 but someday it will happen. I have to believe in this.

  6. Erica Parthum says:

    Hang in there Amy- this to will pass. I just turn up the music louder and ignore

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