So ironic that Kristin would write about darker days today at Shutter Sisters.  I’ve had a few this week.  Nothing horrific or monumental is happening.  But somehow there are moments where the world seems a bit overwhelming.  I’ve missed a few days for my 365 project.  I keep trying to remember that my word for the year is acceptance.  But I’d like to better use my camera on these days.  Find ways to express myself.  What would I turn to, what would draw my attention?  Probably nature.  If I could get out in it.  If only Miss Peaches would realize that it is time to nap.  If only the kitchen would clean itself.  If only the laundry would fold itself.  If only dinner would cook itself.  If only the oldest would behave himself.  If, if, if.

Perhaps tomorrow.

Edited to add: No luck today, but dug out this shot from my archives of when we lived in So Cal.  Thought some of you might like it.

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4 Responses to Struggling

  1. kim klassen says:

    oh amy
    so happy to have discovered you in blogland as well….

    sending you some light… and completely understanding what you are saying about dark days….

    just a note on the workshop….
    i’m thinking perhaps the series will rerun in the fall. after the first one is complete the second and really cool one will be released. 🙂 the first one won’t be that time consuming and vids will be there to refer back to…. so it won’t be high pressured…if that helps at all…

    really just a little time and then repeating the steps will do it…. as you use the program.

    really truly happy to have found you here.

    i love this image btw. 🙂 xxo, kim

  2. slouchy says:



    when are we getting together?

    this is becoming sort of shameful. 🙂

  3. kristin says:

    lovely and calming. thanks for shairng your words and image with the sisters.

  4. Yes, I feel overwhelmed by the world and life in general, some days.

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