How do you…

keep on parenting after a day where you feel there are no simple answers?

Today really wasn’t all that bad.  No major meltdowns, no calls from school.  Just a sick kid, a tired kid and one who was a bit fried.  But somehow there were little things, niggling little things that won’t leave my mind.  And I hash, and rehash them.  I talk about them with my husband.  We brainstorm and grapple.  Discuss logistics and strategies.  Worry about making the right choices.

Yet the waters ahead still seem murky.  There are glimmers up ahead.  Little pinpricks that might turn out to be brilliant sunshine cascading down from the surface.  I’m just afraid there are boulders I can’t see, looming.

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2 Responses to How do you…

  1. Karen Pery says:

    Try this on: there are no simple answers, and no right answers, only your best guess at how to deal with the current “what” in the moment. Are there boulders up ahead? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s all trial and error, every day, even when you think you have the answers.

  2. I’m sorry you’re struggling. I often sit at my desk at work and wonder if I’m doing the right thing by working or if I make the right choices as a parent/wife. Karen is right – there are no answers that are 100%. You just do the best you can.

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