A little levity

Apparently there are reports that things have been rather sober around here lately, and I have been instructed to lighten things up.  So I give you … toddlers on a wagon ride:

please note: that is dandelion pollen all over Miss Peaches’ mouth, she insists on squishing them into her face

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7 Responses to A little levity

  1. rimarama says:

    So cute! Toddler #1 looks like he would be a very intimidating/bossy back seat driver 😉

  2. lifeineden says:

    Yes, Mr. Plum can be quite bossy when he feels like it!

  3. buffalokaren says:

    I just really can’t believe how big they are! Very cute.

  4. The Brudda says:

    Thank You!

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled drama.

    PS – Peaches looks a lot like you in that pic.

  5. Cousin MK says:

    Aw! peaches and plum are so cute!!!!!

  6. Miss K says:

    Beautiful photos!

  7. Jericho says:

    Too cute—i love his expression. and the dandelion thing—thats so funny! My niece insists on her entire arm be yellow now….she’s funny!

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