Bumpin’ down

When the twins come down the stairs, sometimes they like to slide from step to step on their bum.  They chant, “bumpin’ down, bumpin’ down” with each step.  This week feels a bit like that — a lot of bumps just to end up at the bottom.

We are lucky to have a wonderful neighborhood, one where most of the parents escort their kids to the bus stop — sometimes even both parents are present, at least this first week of school.  And they are all happy and chatting about the excitement of their child’s new class and teacher.  And it is hard to feel left out.  No one likes ugly flashbacks from our own childhoods, right?  But this week has been a tough transition for my big boy.  The loss of his freedom, new expectations, new faces — it has all been pretty overwhelming for him.  So we aren’t feeling so smiley and chatty while waiting for another day to begin.

I know that we will all find a rhythm, settle in and keep moving forward.  I know that life isn’t like a TV show or a magazine.  But it is hard not to be disappointed to be on the other end of the spectrum.  This is the first year we are finally staying in one place, one school, but still the transition is tough.  I’m thinking it is time to brain storm,  come up with new strategies to ease the way.

How has your first week of school been going?

PS — Thank you so much to all of you who visited my post over at The Creative Mama on Tuesday.  You left such lovely comments and made me feel better that I’m not alone either.

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2 Responses to Bumpin’ down

  1. magpie says:

    School doesn’t start for my kid until Tuesday, and not ’til Wednesday for NYC. So, I dunno! Things will settle down. They usually do.

  2. Yo-yo Mama says:

    At my son’s school, the curriculum is much harder as he enters the 3rd grade. Homework actually means “home. work” not something that needs to be colored and returned. He’s unhappy he doesn’t get to play, but I have to be thankful that while I don’t have a job yet that I can be here right after school to get him rolling on something, yet have time to break and pick it back up again in the evening. Something we didn’t have time for when we would all get home after work around 6.

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