It finally stopped raining, mostly

Today the sun is out, mostly.  The kids play outside.  Household chores get done, mostly.  We plan for the weekend — football games, dinner, celebrating our anniversary.  But it is all bittersweet.

I know this family, have known them for nearly a decade, watched them get married.  The most honest, heartfelt, joyful people you could have ever met.  Ones that make a difference in our communities and our world.  The ones you are glad are your neighbor, your teacher, your friend.

A month ago we were finally able to catch up and spend some time with them.  Talk, visit and watch our children play.  I’m not terribly religious, but I do consider myself spiritual.  So I truly mean it when I say I feel so blessed to have had that time with them and be able to share a gorgeous sunny fall weekend.

Our dear friend M has been battling stage IV colorectal cancer for nearly 3 years, and his fight is nearing its end.  He is such an amazing person.  Dedicated teacher and coach, loving father and husband, playful brother and son.  M is the person you always knew you could count on — to help you move, plant your garden, tackle any project that needed doing.  He is a New Englander, through and through — quick to get pissed off, but just as quick to smile and welcome you with a big hug (and usually a glass of wine).

Their story is a tragic one, full of loss to soon.  But the love, the love in this family is incredible.  And that is what I want to think about this weekend.  How much love they have for one another.  How much we love them.

Can't you just see it?

This weekend, take a minute and be sure your family can feel the love too.  To help in the battle against all cancers, visit LIVESTRONG and donate.

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5 Responses to It finally stopped raining, mostly

  1. slouchy says:

    Yes. A beautiful family.

    I’m sorry. So unfair.

  2. Rima says:

    Oh, this makes my heart break. Yes, I can see the love.

  3. lifeineden says:

    so glad it shows. thanks.

  4. msplanner says:

    Oh. What a gorgeous photo. Such a serene moment captured despite all the heartbreak looming on the horizon. Just the thought of what they have been through – and will go through – makes me want to cry. I am sure you will be a good support to them…

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