Today, well, today it was a bit tough to find some gratitude.  The oldest was kind enough to bring home a cold this weekend, and I’d thought I’d dodged it, but today it caught me.  The morning wasn’t too bad, but by lunchtime I was dragging.  Then it was nap time.  Sir Plum went right to sleep, but as usually Peaches fought like crazy.  After 2 hours, and several desperate attempts (cajoling, soothing, scolding, you name it) she finally went to sleep.  I curled up.  Ten minutes later … Plum is calling me.  We watched a lot of TV the rest of the afternoon.

I suppose I was grateful to get through the day, but I was uninspired to pick up my camera.  Then I got a call and an invitation for a little girl’s-night-out fun, something I have not done in eons (really, truly, it has been more than ages, definitely eons).  And so, tonight before falling into bed, I am grateful for surprises.

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2 Responses to Surprises

  1. Karen says:

    Feel better – so glad the day ended with such a nice surprise!

  2. Melanie says:

    isn’t that always the way it happens? The day you need the break the most is the day no nap or very little nap happens. Hope you feel better quick…. I too was hard pressed to feel grateful yesterday since my 2yr old had a stomach bug and the washer and dryer had never worked so hard!

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