Change has never been a simple thing for me, and many new beginnings in my life have been surrounded with upheaval and turmoil.  So at the beginning of this new year, I am picking One Little Word to help me welcome change — EMBRACE.

Embrace: (1) to clasp in the arms, to hug. (2) to cherish, love.  (3) to take up especially readily or gladly; to avail oneself of or to welcome.  (4) to take in or include as a part, item or element of a more inclusive whole.

I’ve been working hard to accept the things that come into my life, to accept the limitations of being a mother to young children, to accept the time it takes to affect change.  But this year I want to greet my opportunities with open arms, I want to revel in what lies in my everyday, I want to jump in and see a difference.  I think I am ready.

Ready to

  • embrace my creative side and declare it proudly
  • remember to embrace my oldest, because he still needs it
  • embrace my little ones before they aren’t little any longer
  • hold on to and embrace my family, near and far, as our time together is fragile
  • dive in and embrace new endeavors
  • embrace my body and the power that lies within it
  • seek out other like-minded individuals in my community and embrace budding friendships
  • nurture and embrace the love that created this wonderful marriage and life together
  • acknowledge and embrace my past, as it has made me the person I am today
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4 Responses to Embrace

  1. amy says:

    All worthy goals. I think just considering embracing makes you that much closer to actually doing it. xo

  2. magpie says:

    embrace is a great word.

  3. slouchy says:


    and btw, that is some photograph.

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