Horsin’ Around

Took a little drive through the surrounding farm country with the twins on a bitter winter day while we were waiting for their big brother to finish up an appointment.  We’d done this drive a week or so before, and the twins know we pass several horse farms.

Plum: Horsies not movin’
Me: Mmmhm
Plum: Need battries
Me: What?
Plum (louder): Dey need battries
At that very moment we pass some horses
Plum: Der dey go!  I turn ’em on!
Me: You did?
Plum: Yah.

We pick up big brother from his appointment and he starts in on me again about the plan for when we arrive at home.  As I sigh and begin to give him a hard time about nagging, his tutor says “NO negotiating with terrorists!”  I agree and mention how I’ve got three of them.  Once outside the oldest says, “she meant TOURISTS!”  At which point I crack up and say, “no, she did mean terrorists.”

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