The Residents

Eve – that’s me.  Writing about life in this garden, parenting three children and trying to build a better life.

Adam – my hard-working husband. He’s busy healing the injured, lending me a hand, and keeping us happy.

The Snake – our first born. He’s funny, feisty and full of life.

Peaches – the youngest, twin to Plum. She’s fair, sweet and oh so delicious.

Plum – the littlest boy, twin to Peaches. He’s round, relaxed and just right.

2 Responses to The Residents

  1. Cousin MK says:

    I love the pictures of the Snake and Peaches swinging, Peaches looks so cute and happy. Hope Plum took a little nap. I know he would of had fun swinging too.

  2. Cousin MK says:

    Sorry for leaving a comment meant to do it somewhere else

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