Page One

Suddenly, the twins have discovered singing.  Miss Peaches adores one particular song/story that she learned at school from an Eric Carle book.  It is a repetitive narrative (aren’t all children’s stories?) about a string of animals and what they see, starting with a baby bear.

“Baby bear, baby bear what do you see?  I see a red fox looking at me …”  and so on.  Miss Peaches can string together about 6-10 animals like this.

Yesterday in the car Mr. Plum decided to join in.

“Baby bear, baby bear, baby bear, baby bear, baby bear,”  all at the top of his very big lungs.

“Mr. Plum,” I asked, “what do they ask the baby bear?”

“Oh Mom,” he said, “that’s on the NEXT page.”

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3 Responses to Page One

  1. rima says:

    That book drove me to the brink of insanity. The kids really liked it.

  2. slouchy says:

    Hah! Funny kid.

  3. Karen @ Fun 4 Kids says:

    Kate loves to sing. Sometimes I will hear her just singing/talking a conversation while she plays with her toys. I love that she does that! (Ben never did)

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